Antique Heart Pines & Accessories creates the finest quality custom hard wood flooring. This means we create your floor to YOUR specifications. This includes: color, character, size of planks, texture, patina and so on.

Before we begin your floor, each piece of wood is hand selected. We use a very stringent culling process where only a small portion of each batch is chosen. We make these selections based on color and distinguishing characteristics. Then each board is custom milled to exact specifications. All of our wood is kiln dried to a specific moisture content before we molter (tongue and groove). Kiln drying is the process of circulating hot, dry air around the wood to achieve a slow drying process. This prevents cracking and twisting of the wood.

The final process is the painstaking quality of our installations. The installation and finishing can only be described as the work of artisans.

It is very important to note that we only install the finest quality custom flooring. We do not install ordinary hard wood floors. This was the original vision of our company founder, Robin Hammond Jones.

Robin was born and reared in Columbia, South Carolina and attended the University of South Carolina and the Horry-Georgetown School of Forestry. He was always fascinated by the beauty of the wood that he found in very old buildings. He began the study of historical wood and eventually received an archeology and anthropology license from the state. This certification allows him to recover wood from rivers and wetlands where the wood has often been under water for over 200 years. This reclaimed wood has an incredibly beautiful coloring and cannot be found in new growth wood.

We are a company that is driven by the passion we have for the work we do. We consider each of our floors to be a form of art and a part of history. Thank you for visiting our site. Please let us know if we can provide additional information.