- Hand scraped
- Wire brushed
- Saw Kirf (original marks from antique saw blades)
- Natural Patina
- Character or Distressed (fissures, saw marks, etc.)
- Fun Floors: Folk Art Floors; Faux Painted Floors

Historical Floors (Historical Floors are typically over 200 years old).
- Antique Oak
- Antique Maple
- Antique Heart Pine
- Antique Chestnut

Wood Selections
While Historical Floors are our focus, you are not limited in your choice of woods. Basically, we can obtain and install virtually any hardwood grown on earth. Practically these choices are:

North American Hardwoods (any species)

Exotics (Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Mahogany, etc.).

We are happy to work with you or your designer to ensure your complete satisfaction.